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6-11 Jun 2016 Rennes (France)


Molecular interactions have been studied for decades by biochemists looking to progressively build the protein interactome within cells. However, the biochemical approaches that are used often require researchers to extract protein complexes from cell lisate, which can generate artefacts. In addition, these approaches usually do not give access to the localisation and dynamics of these interactions within the cells. During the last fifteen years, different fluorescence microscopy approaches have emerged to study protein-protein interactions directly in living cells such as fluorescence resonance energy transfer, fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy, fluorescence complementation or correlation imaging methods. These different methods are complementary and they bring new knowledge about the spatio-temporal regulations of protein-protein interactions in their natural environment, the living cell. These different methods are now mature enough to promote the development of their use in biological labs interested in protein-protein interactions. The objective of this EMBO Practical Course is to disseminate practical knowledge concerning these quantitative fluorescence microscopy methods aimed at studying protein-protein interactions in living cells. The EMBO Practical Course will present in detail each fluorescence microscopy method currently available to study protein-protein interactions. The complementarity and limitations of the different methods will also be presented.

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